Technology Solutions for Body Care Applications

Body care is back! Despite not being a key area of spend for many consumers, particularly in Europe, for the last few years, the body care sector is currently experiencing a period of renewed launch activity and increased end-user interest. The legacy of the economic downturn appears to be over. Plus, with a stronger focus on natural and organic alternatives to more traditional formulations, manufacturers are developing new ranges of innovative products with results-driven marketing, eye-catching packaging and on-trend messaging.

A Growing Market

Compared with facial skincare, most of the larger body care markets are in the West. The largest sector is the US, despite stagnating sales and falling spend per capita, being more than twice the size of second-placed Brazil, whose sales grew at a double-digit rate. Looking ahead, the majority of the global value growth is set to come from Asian body care markets. However, these markets are some way off being fully developed and, until this potential is realized, the West will continue to account for the lion’s share of global market value.

The GEA Solution

Substance parameters such as density (bulk density) and viscosity carry great significance when processing liquid body care and toiletry applications. With GEA’s comprehensive body care production know-how, our mixing and high-pressure homogenization solutions allow for constant product quality.

From pilot skid to industrial-scale solutions, GEA specializes in developing and implementing process plants for the production of liquid, pourable and semi-solid emulsions. Our expansive range of technologies includes standard and customized solutions — each of which can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

With highly repeatable processes comes remarkably low operating costs, minimal energy supplies, short production and cleaning times; all contributing to the highest productivity and quality.



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