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Concentrates and syrups of fruit and vegetable juices may comprise 70% total solids, compared with the pre-treated juices, which may typically be just 10% total solids. The production of fruit and vegetable juice concentrates requires a heat treatment process that evaporates nearly all of the water out of the squeezed juice. The concentrates are then packaged and frozen for storage before distribution.

Most concentrates and syrups are used for blending and for preparing re-diluted pure or mixed beverages. Through a set of advanced filtration and extraction processes, or during the evaporation process, volatile aroma substances can be extracted from thin juice. These aroma substances are removed and added to the fruit juice later on for intensifying the fruit flavor.

GEA can supply complete production processes for concentration plants, together with ancillary equipment and technologies for heating, cooling, degassing, aroma recovery, desulfurization and condensation. Our technological and process expertise in this area has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio that in addition spans intake systems, flow meters, sugar dissolving, batch or in-line blending, and filling and packaging technologies. We can customize our solutions to the requirement of each customer and product.

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