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GEA is a single-source supplier of equipment to the color cosmetics industries to manufacture a range of products such as lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, nail varnish, foundation and concealers.

Compliance with hygiene and quality standards is an essential aspect of manufacturing and production in the cosmetics industry.

GEA is a recognised supplier to the process industries of liquid and semi-solid cosmetics. Our extensive know-how and several decades of experience with both process know-how and equipment mean that GEA has the right processing system for your specific application and productivity requirements.

High pressure homogenization is a fundamentally important process concerning the use of color pigments in emulsions because it enables efficient particle dispersion to create a suspension with much longer separation times than traditional mixtures.

GEA supply state-of-the-art plant that ensures hygienic operability, gentle product handling, repeatable processing and future-proof manufacturing lines. Our expertise includes, among others:

  • reception and storage of raw materials
  • distribution and dosing of raw materials
  • mixing technology with buffer tanks
  • homogenization systems
  • product storage in bulk tanks
  • transfer lines to tanks and filling lines
  • distribution of utilities such as water, air and steam
  • clean-in-place (CIP) systems, automation and process control

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