Quenching the Thirst Around the World
The beverage market is experiencing dynamic growth
worldwide and there is an increasing variety of new products
to meet demand, from fruit juices, even with natural bits,
to isotonic and health drinks..
Specialists in processing "white gold"
Dairy processing is rising rapidly around the globe to
meet the increasing appetite for milk and milk products
from an ever-growing population.
Helping to feed the world
The food industry is under increasing pressure to meet
the needs of a growing world population that is becoming
more urbanized.
Keeping clean with GEA processes
The home and personal care (HPC) industry serves
fast-growing, brand-driven markets for products as
diverse as shampoo and toothpaste, laundry detergents
and all-purpose cleaners.

Popular products

  • Butterfly Valves T-smart 7

    Butterfly valves in the new T-smart 7 series provide a complete range of variants to serve any application. They are used as cost-effective shut-off elements on valve blocks, panels and pipe fences for product and cleaning.

  • GEA Hilge TP

    Single-Stage Normal-Priming Centrifugal Pumps for Standard Applications