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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers


Our gasketed plate heat exchangers combine passion, scientific curiosity and technological expertise. The facts: High efficiency at low operating costs, versatile application possibilities with lower investment costs and maximum flexibility. Our efforts to continuously develop the gasketed plate heat exchanger-series further are aimed at meeting your thermodynamic and hydraulic performance needs and to ensure maximum economic efficiency. Our wide range of plate corrugations, connection sizes, materials, plate lengths and widths enable an ideal configuration according to your exact requirements. Additionally, our gasketed plate heat exchangers come with a maintenance-friendly assembly and sealing technology, ensuring low service and maintenance costs.
Plate Features

Plate Features

  • Port sizes from DN25 to DN500 (1” to 20”)
  • Heat exchanger surface from 0.5 to 4000 m2
  • Large selection of gasket material (NBR, EPDM and Viton)
  • Extensive choice of plate materials (stainless steel: e.g. 1.4404/316L or 1.4301/304, nickel based alloys: e.g. C267…
NT Series - all applications

NT Series - All Applications

Leading Technology for all Applications
  • flexible solutions for special requirements
  • wide range of plate lengths
  • connection sizes ranging from DN25 to DN500 (1″ to 20″)
  • extensive range of plate materials also including titanium-palladium and special alloys such as C-276 or SMO…
NX Series - high efficiency

NX Series - High Efficiency

High performance for efficient district cooling
  • high heat transfer rates
  • small temperature differences
  • increased pressure resistance
LWC Series - critical media

LWC Series - Critical Media

NT plate technology also for critical media
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Cleaning access from the product side
  • Laser-welded cassettes assure the highest process reliability even in the case of aggressive media
  • High pressure resistance on welded side

NP Series - Highest Performance

Perfect fit for extremely low temperature differences
  • Easy assembly and cleaning
  • Highest performance plate
  • Highest pressure resistance
  • For extremely low temperature differences
NL Series - high-viscous media

NL Series - High-Viscous Media

For high viscosity and the most stringend demands
  • Extended service life due to larger corrugation depth, which improves the flow and reduces the tendency to clog up.
  • Pressure resistance runs up to 25 bar
  • Ideal for fluids with higher viscosity as well as for shear-sensitive media.
  • Suitable for media that contain…

NW Series - Solids & Particles

developed for media containing particles & solids
  • for media containing particles
  • longer service life, lower operating costs
  • minimal pressure loss, even with viscous media
  • turbulence promotes the self-cleaning effect
  • increased pressure resistance
NF Series - Fibers & Particles

NF Series - Fibers & Particles

Free flow for fibre- and solid-bearing media
  • Blockage-free operation thanks to gap of constant width
  • Especially suitable for applications involving media containing fibres and solids
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Less space requirements
ND Series - highest safety

ND Series - Highest Safety

Plate duo plays it completely safe
  • High production security with low risk of intermixture of incompatible media
  • Fullfills regulations for potable water applications on and off-shore
NH Series - high pressure

NH Series - High Pressure

High performance under high pressure
  • increased pressure resistance thanks to a new plate design
  • suitable for high demanding applications
  • available in special materials
Kelvion AHRI Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

NC, NA, NG, NQ Series - AHRI Certification

Peace of mind from independent certification of NC, NA, NG, NQ Series
  • Performance is independently certified by AHRI according to AHRI400 standard.

Mission Critical Plate Type NX350M

Kelvion Mission Critical Plate Type NX350M
  • higher thermal efficiency
  • higher pressure resistance
  • higher NTU
  • less pressure drop
  • low temperature approach
  • high types of heat transfer
  • small temperature differences
  • increased pressure resistance


  • chemical process cooling
  • media containing fibres and solids (e.g., in the sugar and paper industry)
  • highly viscous media (e.g., dairy and other food products)
  • healthy drinking water treatment and purification
  • secure cooling for power plants with river or seawater
  • demanding climate control solutions (e.g., for data centers)
  • condensation or evaporation (e.g.,in refrigeration, sugar or chemical industries)

Our heat exchanger specialists are happy to make a thermodynamic calculation and a design draft of the appropriate unit for your application. Contact our distribution & sales team with their expert know-how in products and processes for a comprehensive heat exchanger consultation, today. Our experts can also offer you the best service for your gasketed plate heat exchanger.

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