Nutritional Formula

Nutritional Formula


GEA has more than 50 years of experience supplying end-to-end processing lines for all kinds of nutritional formula products. We design, configure and install reliable, trouble-free solutions that fit in with your process, product and business needs, meet the most stringent regulatory standards, and deliver consistent powders and liquid products with tailor-made functional performance.

The demand for premium quality, milk-based nutritional formulas is on the rise. Industry has developed a wide range of products, including powders that provide complete nutrition for infants, key nutritional supplements for children and adults who have special dietary needs.

We understand that no two nutritional formula recipes or production processes will be the same. As a manufacturer you will have highly specific process requirements, so our GEA experts work closely with customers to configure plants that match expected product properties, and plant operating requirements.

Our state-of-the-art technologies are designed to help to maximize plant flexibility and to improve traceability and overall operational efficiency. We think that our complete process lines will give you, and consumers, great confidence in the quality and safety of your finished products and brands!

Hygienic plant design for product safety

Microbiological safety is a critical consideration at every stage of nutritional formula production, from ingredient reception through to final product packing. GEA equipment is manufactured to meets the most stringent hygiene requirements, and features automated clean-in-place (CIP) systems to help make sure cleaning is thorough, but efficient. GEA solutions can also help you ensure full and transparent traceability of raw materials and ingredients, throughout the process and into the final product.

Optimized plant performance and sustainable solutions

We select the most up-to-date, proven equipment and components to configure reliable and durable plants that will also offer maximum productivity. GEA solutions are tailored to meet your process and operating requirements, while helping to maximize yield, uptime and so productivity, which ultimately reduces your total cost of ownership. We understand the need to focus on environmentally sound, sustainable production, and have used our expertise to identify significant energy-saving and energy-management opportunities. Wherever possible we can suggest resource-saving technologies and options that help to reduce energy use, recycle heat and water, and keep waste and product loss to a minimum.

From ingredients reception right through to evaporation, spray drying, powder filling and palletizing, GEA can tailor end-to-end, turnkey solutions for processing high quality nutritional formulas for global markets.

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