Plants for Wheat Starch Production

Challenges of Wheat Starch Processing

Wheat field
Wheat field

GEA is a pioneer in starch processing. Over many decades we have continuously supplied the wheat starch industry with innovative solutions, from single machines up to complete processes. By working intensively together with our customers we learned to understand the major challenges the modern starch industry is facing. Thus, we have developed extensive know-how to design, build and optimize complete multi-purpose plants for the recovery of wheat starch, gluten and by-products like animal feed or even bioethanol.

From single machines up to complete processes

Visualization of a complete wheat starch plant

Visualization of a complete wheat starch plant

Besides key equipment for the different process stages GEA helps you with engineering services. Together with EPC companies and local contractors also turnkey solutions from raw material storage up to finished end product can be supplied. The use of the latest planning and visualization software gives you a virtually hands-on experience of how the plant will look like.

Optimizing the overall yield and profitability can only take place when the complete process is taken into consideration. GEA is unique in being able to provide expert know-how and best in class technology for all the different process stages. Together with our local service and support staff we offer tailor made process solutions for the challenges the starch industry is facing.

Key aspects for maximum profit are:

  • High starch quality and high starch yield
  • High gluten quality and high gluten yield
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low fresh water consumption
  • Economic and efficient waste water treatment
  • High uptime with little maintenance

Highly flexible multi-purpose plants

Looking at the overall process there are 3 different main lines leading to various end and co-products:

  • Processing of A-starch
  • Processing of gluten
  • Processing of co-products (pentosane, B-starch and ethanol)

The best process setup is of course the one that makes for maximum yield and highest quality of the product our customer has in focus which is often determined by the different end product prices. Thus, the overall process has to be flexible enough to enable our customers to respond to the dynamics of the end and co-product markets.

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