Expert Manufacturing Processes for Hair Care Products

Healthy looking hair has been important for consumers, both male and female, for centuries. And with an impressive range of shampoos, conditioners, serums, gels, hair colorants and sprays available, the global hair care market is expected to experience an ongoing period of rapid growth.

Shampoos, Conditioners, Dyes, Waxes and Gels

Although dominated by female consumers, the rise of the metrosexual has created opportunities for market players to increase their men’s hair care product ranges. In addition, the globally ageing population means that lustrous and well-groomed hair is playing a more central role in maintaining a style-conscious and youthful appearance. Designed to nourish hair and prevent it from damage (from pollution, the sun and other factors), thousands or products are available — containing both natural and synthetic ingredients — that are formulated to clean, condition, moisturize and protect. Advances in technology are driving the development of products for a variety of different end-users and hair types, making hair care and styling products even more more effective and beneficial.

GEA’s hair care manufacturing process expertise includes standard and bespoke mixing, blending and homogenization. Each process can be custom designed to meet the exacting needs of your specific application. In addition, GEA is also your single-source solution supplier of liquid handling flow components, such as pumps, valves and product recovery systems, and clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

With a long track record in liquid processing hair care products, we know what it takes to make a quality final product and fully understand your requirements in terms of plant efficiency, safety and environmental compliance.

GEA’s mixing technologies are ideal for processing hair care products. Whether it’s a shampoo, conditioner, hair dye or a styling solution — such as a wax or gel — GEA offers a range of hygienic process solutions for the design and manufacture of liquid and semi-solid hair care products.

Standalone Units or Complete Lines

Whether your application needs a standalone unit or a complete industrial-scale production line, GEA has the expertise and experience to supply tailor-made, integrated process solutions that ensure the most important deliverable: security of outcome.

For expert hygienic mixing and blending, GEA’s broad range of single-pot, batch and inline processing — as well as single pass and continuous processing technologies — are an excellent choice. If your product requires a more stable emulsion, then micronization by high-pressure homogenization will improve its performance and characteristics. Shampoos, conditioners, hair colorants and hair styling products can all be processed using tried and tested GEA technology.



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