International Repair Network for GEA Centrifuges



Corrective repairs for your GEA separators and decanters

With our worldwide network of 17 authorized repair workshops, our service experts are always within your reach and support you with equipment maintenance, support and spare parts.

GEA Separation customers are supported worldwide with state-of-the-art repairs: Over 150 employees at 17 locations are dedicated to the repair business with a clear focus on both speed of order processing and delivery of the highest quality.

Learn about our repairs step by step by watching one of the videos below.

Do you require a repair?

The procedure in a nutshell for our Center of Excellence in Oelde and Niederahr.

Register your repair requirements with us

Notify your local GEA contact by phone or email that your centrifuge requires service, quoting the serial number.

Order registration

We enter your order in our system and create your individual return documents (Return Goods Authorization (RGA), Product Hazard Declaration (PHD)).

Return Goods Authorization & Product Hazard Declaration

Please complete the return documents consisting of Return Goods Authorization (RGA) and Product Hazard Declaration (PHD). Then, please submit both documents to us before returning the goods.

Shipping preparation

When preparing for shipment, please include the RGA and return form with your shipment.

In our workshops with a total area of ​​over 30,000 m², over 5,000 repairs are carried out annually. To avoid bottlenecks in your production, you can access over 450 rental bowls and scrolls as well as over 300 exchange bowls and scrolls. All our workshops are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and a specially trained product safety officer monitors compliance with our high-quality standards at each location.

Our repair workshops are classified into three capacity levels:

  • Center of Excellence
  • Graduate Repair Workshop
  • Authorized Workshop

This division is based on the scope of services offered.

Our repairs – extensive know-how in every single step

Even the best equipment needs maintenance after a certain period of time. To keep the quality of your products at a high level over the complete life cycle, our repairs are performed with the greatest care in accordance with current technical standards.

A full-scope repair compromises the following steps.

Continuous optimization of our repair performance – with innovative tools and concepts

We continuously strive to optimize both optimize our existing repair service and offer new repair options to you. One example of this is our newly established “Track & Trace” system. Order-related documents, including the return delivery sheet that customers receive, are tagged with a QR-code based on SAP. All important steps in the entire repair process are scanned and processed in our SAP system. This provides clear transparency about the repair status and location at any time and anywhere, which facilitates proactive communication with our customers. In addition, many manual and repetitive activities are reduced and both repair capacities and inventory can be planned much better in advance. The result: time-consuming coordination via e-mail and phone calls for order clarification are reduced by up to 80% – so that our repair experts can concentrate on delivering our best performance to you as quickly as possible.

To further empower our service experts to provide you with fast and reliable pricing information on site, we have developed the GEA Centrifuge Repair Pricing App. With the help of the guided menu control of this app, instant information on the repair price and the time required can be provided with just a few clicks. This gives you immediate transparency for planning your budget and production processes – and allows you to commission us to start the repair more quickly. With this simple and intuitive solution, which we developed in-house, we were able to reduce the complexity and time required for the quotation phase by 80 %.

In 2019 we were able to significantly reduce separator repair times at our Center of Excellence in Oelde, Germany, through a series of improvement measures, which enabled numerous synergies, resulting in inspection and repair times being reduced by up to 40 % worldwide.

A special offering for separator repairs is the GEA Fast Lane Service, which allows separators to be repaired in less than 10 days, depending on requirements – an optional service available at extra cost especially for very urgent and/or important cases. This service is offered for centrifugal separators in all application areas with a surcharge based on bowl diameter.

Repairs within the GEA Fast Lane Service are treated as prioritized requests and are handled by a dedicated team that is able to exclusively handle these cases more quickly.

GEA Fast Lane Service is a limited offering. Thus, a steering team decides on the urgency of the respective repair based on various criteria. Once a repair is prioritized, the operational team takes over and manages the entire process, which includes collaboration with the specialist departments as well as the dispatch of parts and repaired machines – reducing overall lead times by up to 80%.

The result: Increased customer satisfaction and a prevention of worst-case scenarios which could lead to heavy economic losses for companies.

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