24/7 PMO Valve® Type M/2.0

The 24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0 is standardized and tailor-made for use in PMO-regulated systems. 24 / 7 PMO Valve® is a registered trade mark of GEA. It describes double-seat valves that have been authorised for use in PMO-regulated systems, where seat lifting occurs to clean the leakage chamber while the other pipeline is carrying product. This grants system operators the possibility of cleaning all valve parts in contact with the product simultaneously with the production process. In this way, the valves permit uninterrupted production on a 24 / 7 basis.

Application Examples

Dairy plants that are subject to the PMO use this valve in all non-aseptic process areas, e.g. milk reception, raw milk storage and distribution systems, pasteurizer in- and outlets and filling lines. This method prevents any mixture between a product pipe and a pipe carrying cleaning media.

Mixproof Separation

The VARIVENT® 24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0 is almost exclusively used in dairy applications subject to the regulations of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). Primarily, this concerns dairies in the United States. These valves are used for mixproof shut-off of incompatible products at pipe junctions.

When the valve is closed (non-actuated position), there are always two seals between the separated pipelines. If one seal is defective, the resulting leakage will be directed through the leakage outlet into the periphery, without mixing with the product in the second pipeline.

Double-seat valves
OD 1 ½” – OD 6″
Valve Selection Scheme: Mixproof Shut-off Valves with Seat Lifting
Application Sealing Feature Type
Axial Sealing (Switching Leakages) Modular System Double-seat Valve,

Type D_L, D_C

Axial Sealing (Switching Leakages) With Water Hammer Safety Double-seat Valve with Balancer, Type B_L, B_C
Radial Sealing With Water Hammer Safety Radial Sealing Double-seat Valve, Type R_L, R_C
Axial Sealing (Switching Leakages) Viscous Products or Products with large Particles Double-seat Long-stroke Valve, Type D_L/V, D_C/V
Product Range, piggable Radial Sealing Pigging Pipe


Piggable Double-seat Valve Upside Down,

Type L_HL, L_HC

Product Range, piggable Radial Sealing Pigging Pipe Bottom Piggable Double-seat Valve Upright, Type L_SL, L_SC
According to PMO Regulations Radial Sealing With Allowance for Seat Lifting 24/7 PMO Valve 2.0,

Type M/2.0

Cleaning the Leakage Chamber

Lifting actuator

The valves are always equipped with a lifting actuator which permits individual lifting of an individual valve disc during the particular pipe cleaning. The 24/7 PMO Valve® 2.0 satisfies the strict requirements of the PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) and is certified acc. to 3-A Standard 85-02 for performing the lift function while milk or milk products are being transported in the other pipeline.

In this case, the cleaning media passes the seal of the lifted valve disc, cleans the leakage chamber and then flows out through the leakage outlet into the periphery. Therefore, it is possible to clean all surfaces that come into contact with the product, including the seal surfaces of the valve disc seals.

Cleaning of the Balancer Surface

Article “Item 12p. Cleaning and sanitizing of containers and equipment” of the PMO stipulates that each surface that comes into contact with the product must be cleaned at least once a day. For this reason, the 24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0 is equipped with a balancer cleaning device as standard. During lifting of the lower valve disc, a gap is automatically left open between the lower balancer seal and the valve disc. Cleaning media can thus get into the balancer cleaning device and clean the surface of the balancer. In this way, the valve meets the requirements of Item 12p. of the PMO without requiring further measures to be taken. Optionally, however, the valves can also be delivered without a balancer cleaning device if the surface will be cleaned in another way, e.g. by a full stroke during cleaning.


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24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0

Please refer to the catalog for more information.

Technical Data of the Standard Version
24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0
Material in contact with the product 1.4404 / AISI 316 L
Material not in contact with the product 1.4301 / AISI 304
Seal material in contact with the product EPDM, FKM, HNBR
Ambient temperature 0 to 45 °C
Air supply pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Product pressure 10 bar (101 psi)
Surface in contact with the product Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
External housing surface Matte blasted
Control and feedback system Selectable; the feedback of all valve positions is required acc. to PMO
Actuator type Pneumatic actuator air / spring
Connection fittings Welding end
Identification Adhesive ID tag
Valve seat version Welded seat ring
Certificates EHEDG, A3, CE


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