Control Top T.VIS® M-15

Equipped with manually adjustable sensors and a modular system of options, the T.VIS® M-15 forms the basic variant of the T.VIS® feedback technology. This means it is optimally adapted to the basic requirements of the process system. With proven sensor technology, it offers the advantages of the modern T.VIS® series in an inexpensive manner.


  • Flexible modular system
  • Use of proven sensor technology
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the sensors
  • Valve status indication by LED
  • Various communication standards available
  • Components can be upgraded / converted subsequently
  • Filter protects solenoid valves
  • High-quality pneumatic fittings
  • Exchangeable compressed air connection
  • Supply and exhaust air throttles can be fitted
  • Logic NOT-element
  • Standard protection class IP66


The T.VIS® M-15 is characterized by proven sensor technology. The basic equipment of the control module comprises the 24 V DC interface module with two sensors for feedback of the valve position and three solenoid valves which can be installed subsequently if necessary.

In the interface types with AC for alternating current, DeviceNet and AS-Interface, an adapter module is connected ahead of the standard interface module, and can also be retrofitted or converted.

A replaceable filter in the supply air connection protects the solenoid valves.

Position recording

Inductive sensor system – the valve positions (open/close) are recorded using two manually adjustable sensors.


Mechanical – the sensors are calibrated mechanically using the positioning spindles, which are subsequently secured to prevent adjustment.

Technical Data of the Standard Version
Position recording Sensors
Housing material PA12/L
Ambient temperature 20 to +60 °C
Air supply Pressure range 2 to 8 bar
Standard acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010
Solid content Quality class 6
Water content Quality class 4
Oil content Quality class 3
Dimensions of air connections Metric 6/4 mm, inch 6.35/4.31 mm (¼”)
Index of protection class IP 66
Sound pressure level via exhaust air throttle Max. 72 dB
Visualization LED (green, yellow)
Certificates optional: CSA C UB • CSA C22.2 • UL 429

Logic NOT-element

A logic NOT element is available as an option. It simplifies hose systems with automatic air support of the spring in the actuator, in order to increase the holding force of the valve.

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