Y-Divert Valve

GEA’s Y type Tube Selector Valves are flow diversion valves that employ an axially mounted plate to control the flow of pneumatically transported materials. Flow may be diverted to one of two tubes, which intersect at an angle of 22.5 degrees.

Y Divert Valve (YDV)

A Y-diverter is used in situations where a flap type valve is unsuitable due to high line pressures or abrasive materials. Y-diverters are ideally suited for full vacuum conveying systems or applications whereby leakage or product contamination is not acceptable. By using a number of valves in series, a complete multi-point discharge system can be developed. As well as being employed to divert one stream to one of two destinations, they can be reversed to converge two different stream sources to one common destination. Each valve has a precision-engineered internal bore to keep the transit velocity constant, maintaining a minimum pressure drop across the valve. A divert vane contained within the body of the valve redirects product down either branch.

Key Features

The Y type tube selector valve is designed to divert or combine solids in powder or granular form in dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying handling systems. These diverter valves are used in more heavy duty applications. This diverter valve is designed for a maximum system pressure of 3,5 bar.

  • available in cast iron or stainless steel
  • materials such as nichrome can be provided for special applications
  • various valve plate edging materials are available, including natural white rubber, white nitrile rubber and black neoprene
  • manual or pneumatically operated options available
  • valves may be mounted in any position
  • air-actuated types require a plant air supply of 500–700 kpa.
  • demountable options are available, allowing fast, thorough CIP and product changeover
  • USDA-accepted models available.
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