Tube Selector Valve (TSV)

GEA produces an alternative to the two-way rotary tube selector valve (RTSV) that uses a flexible hose rather than solid piping, the TSV.

Tube Selector Valve

The valve is designed to divert powder and granular materials in vacuum or pressure conveying systems. Inflatable seals between the sliding tube and stationary ports are airtight to prevent air leakage, product loss and cross-contamination. Quick, tool-free demounting allows access to all product contact areas for frequent cleaning, making these valves suitable for use in all powder- or granular-based dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.


Valves come as standard with stainless steel product contact surfaces in the head unit and tailpiece, with a PVC divert tube, and automatic inflatable seals between the divert tube and the stationary ports. Non-sanitary through to USDA dairy compliant models are available. Further options include:

  • stainless steel divert tube
  • valve enclosure
  • a wide variety of process connections is available
  • slide assembly available without base
  • designed in accordance with USDA 3A standards.
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