Scale Diverter Valve (SDV)

Scale Diverter Valves can be used to divert pneumatic convey lines directly into scale hoppers or bulk bins.

Scale Divert Valve (SDV)

The GEA SDV is mainly used to divert materials into pneumatic transit to receiving vessels and is designed to sit on top of the silo. When the desired amount of product is delivered to the silo, an electrical impulse from a level control or weigh scale triggers the SDV and the valve automatically diverts the flow of product into the next receiver or back to storage. This diversion can be used for the inline filling of bulk storage bins, scale hoppers or process hoppers, for example. In the ‘straight through’ position, the inlet and exit points are aligned through the machined bore of a rotating paddle so that the material passes straight through the valve. In the diverting position (turned through 90 degrees), the air and material enter the inlet port to be directed downwards by the diversion paddle into the receiving vessel.

Features Include:

  • available in cast iron, aluminium or stainless steel
  • complete air controls are provided as standard, including the air cylinder solenoid and two-position limit switches
  • final filtration or residual conveying air can be done at a location remote from the receiving vessel.
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