Liquid jet liquid pump

Liquid jet liquid pumps are based on proven jet pump technology and often used for conveying and mixing liquids.

Our steam jet systems have a simple design, they are reliable and require low maintenance.

Mode of operation

The ion exchangers at times have to be regenerated with acid (cation exchanger) or caustic (anion exchanger).

The liquid jet liquid pumps suck in the concentrated acid or lye and convey it into the exchangers at the respectively required mixing ratio.


Liquid jet liquid pumps are used for conveying and mixing liquids such as water, acids or lye in water and waste water treatment plants.

An important range of application is for the dilution of acids or lye to a definite final concentration such as is required in water treatment plants.


  • no moving parts
  • maintenance free
  • can be installed in virtually all situations
  • quickly and easily put into operation
  • almost unlimited life, when a suitable material of construction is chosen
  • can be manufactured from various materials of construction
  • low acquisition costs
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