Ejector Test facilities at Karlsruhe R & D Center

Test facilities for steam, liquid and gas jet pumps are essential for development and quality control.

With state-of-the-art pilot plants and test benches our R & D Center is optimally equipped for testing in the fields of jet pumps and vacuum systems.

GEA has several test benches for different types of jet pumps. Water, compressed air or steam are available motive media. These facilities are used for quality and manufacturing control as well as for the development of new and improved jet pumps.

Only very few companies can dispose of such test facilities including a test bench for single-stage and multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps. Here ejectors with suction pressures from atmosphere down to 0.1 mbar can be tested.

For our customers the results assure the function of the ejectors according to the specification and they are a good starting point to solve problems during start-up and operation.

More than 500 jet pumps are tested per year. The archive of more than 25,000 test reports is the base for precise and reliable design of effective ejectors.

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