De-Alcoholization Membrane Unit

De-alcoholization of beer

In addition to proven evaporation technology for the de-alcoholization of beer, GEA offers an efficient process for removing alcohol at low feed rates using reverse-osmosis membrane filtration. This allows GEA to offer technology to all sizes of breweries for the removal of alcohol to meet their individual requirements for capital investment, operating costs and beer quality. Evaporation plants are typically used for feed rates in excess of hl/h; reverse osmosis provides the most practical alternative for smaller plants.

GEA offers two plant configurations: 5 hl/h (40 hl/batch in 8 hours) and 10 hl/h (80 hl/batch in 8 hours).  The modular structure of the plants means that filtration modules can be easily retrofitted any time as capacities increase.  Achieved throughput is dependent upon the alcohol inlet concentration and the final alcohol level required in the product.

Standard plants help to reduce investment for the operator and increase profitability. Membrane filtration plants are simple to operate and supplied on plug and play skids for fast installation and commissioning.

Benefits and advantages

  • Low filtration temperature (< 10 °C) ensures high quality beer
  • CIP for easy cleaning; Simple design with small footprint
  • Semi-automatic operation saves labor costs and helps to ensure operational safety
  • Standard, modular product for reduced costs and fast return on investment
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