Condensate Polisher

Turn waste stream to process water stream

Condensate from evaporation plants can be purified in a condensate polisher to convert a waste stream into a water stream, using reverse osmosis. This high quality water can then be re-used as boiler feed water, process, cooling, and rinsing water or be discharged directly into a drainage ditch.

Condensate polisher

Condensate from evaporation processes contains impurities such as CSB, ions and other unwanted components. For re-use as process water, these impurities need to be removed. Using reverse osmosis it is possible to produce a high grade process water for re-use in the production facility with a low content of ions and a low conductivity level.

The operating pressure and process design depends on the quality of the condensate and the level of purification required.

If the capacity of the plant increases, requiring higher volumes of condensate to be treated by a waste water system, the hydraulic load to the waste water system can be reduced up to factor five when installing a condensate polisher. The filtrate can be discharged directly if the purity requirements are met.

Benefits of process water recovery:

  • High quality filtrate
  • Re-use of filtrate in production processes
  • Reduction of fresh or well water consumption
  • Reduction of waste water
  • Energy recovery
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