Clearamic BeerFiltration

No Waste. Pure Taste.

clearamic BeerFiltration

Waste-free beer filtration with ceramic cross-flow membranes. Clearamic BeerFiltration is the first waste-free beer filtration process. Filter aids can be completely omitted. Sustainable and at the same time cost-cutting process management is thus supported at the critical point. In parallel with this, the process fulfils the consumer desire for crystal clear beer in permanently consistent quality. As the studies have shown, the beer quality remains consistently high with clearamic BeerFiltration.

Features & Benefits

With the use of ceramic membranes, beer filtration is carried out with greater process reliability, since in the case of proper integration, there is no risk of membrane breakage. Ceramic is food-neutral, so there is no risk of contamination. The service life of the ceramic membranes is at least 10 years. The staff costs are low. No expensive special cleaning agents are needed.

In conclusion, the process is economically superior to alternative products.

The membranes are purchased with the system and last for the entire service life of the system (pure investment activity):· Waste-free ceramic beer filtration: no filter additives

  • Ceramic membranes with a service life of at least 10 years
  • Ceramic membranes neutral to taste ensure unadulterated beer taste
  • Ideally harmonized centrifuge and membrane plant for gentle product treatment
  • Filtrate quality meets high sensory and analytical demands
  • Heat resistant up to 135 °C – sterilizable without any problems
  • Permanently reproducible quality
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