Fruit-juice Deaerator ON-EX

Save up to 80% of energy costs in comparison with conventional systems

To avoid affecting the quality through oxidation, the product undergoes vacuum-deaeration. Foam formation is effectively averted unwanted flavoring and odorant substances are reduced. Removing gas also greatly enhances product stability.

Preserving the product

The combined, integrated one-stage aroma retrieval process minimizes aroma loss during deaeration. Fluid aroma substances are condensed in an external stainless steel tubular heat exchanger and returned to the product.


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Optimized process

A new product path in the beverage deaerator with a product oriented temperature and vacuum profile enables significant energy savings and prevents unnecessary loss of flavors.

The essential difference to the deaeration techniques commonly used in the market is that flashes are not firmly set, but are optimally adjusted to the vacuum required for the product in accordance with the inlet temperature.

Economic benefit

This process essentially optimizes the balance between final oxygen content and loss of flavor and leads to savings with regard to cooling water, steam and flavor.

Our facilities are designed in accordance with your floor space, whereby all parts are easily accessible for service and cleaning operations.

Technical Information
Product flow rate 10 – 1000 hl/h
Residual oxygen content 0.05 – 0.5 mg/l, depending on type
Water pressure
– Inlet 3 bar
– Outlet 3 bar
CIp Temperature 90° C
– product contact parts AISI 304 / 316
– seals NBR / EPDM
Overall height 2000-2800 mm
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