Homogenizing Re+VALVE

The innovative Re+VALVE design makes the valve suitable for all the applications field where high pressure range is required.

The special flat profile of the valve working area is able to increase the valve resistance and it allows a greater number of operative arrangements adjustable according to the product types to treat.

More resistant valve

The impact ring and passage head symmetrical profiles guarantee the reversibility of the valve and, of course, a double lifetime compared with the standard.


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At the same time it is possible to select the more appropriate material for the process conditions depending on the application and validated materials are also available for pharm production industry (FDA and 3-A).

Re+VALVE features empower the valve for pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnologies applications and also for nanoparticles production, nanodispersions and nanoemulsions; moreover it is perfectly compliant to the nutraceutical products characteristics, aromas, proteins and probiotics containing products.

Key features and main advantages:

  • more technical resistance
  • more lifetime
  • reversible impact ring and passage head
  • more operative arrangements number thanks to flat profile
  • the valve can be selected according to operative conditions and thanks to direct control of main fluid dynamic parameters
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