SLRV-PO Over Pressure Safety Valve

The aim of the overpressure safety valve, available as standard, is to prevent pressure peaks and malfunctioning working machine with consequent more durable critical components lifetime.

The SLRV-PO over pressure safety valve is a spring loaded overpressure valve with an integrated pneumatic actuator and it can be activated by remote-control. Thus this safety valve permits to manage its opening during the CIP cycles.


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How it works

During normal homogenizer operations the pneumatic overpressure relief valve works as a standard spring loaded relief valve: it is closed and it opens when product side pressure is higher than calibration pressure.

Possible working conditions are:

  1. Normal working condition. The product side pressure is lower than safety valve calibration pressure: the safety valve remains in closed position.
  2. Overpressure condition. The product side pressure is higher than calibration pressure: the safety valve opens.
  3. CIP condition. The product side pressure is lower than safety valve calibration pressure: the safety valve is in closed position and it can be opened by removing air.

It has been considered also that air is supplied to the pneumatic actuator during normal working operations, the protection against overpressure is not compromised because safety valve opens at lower product side pressure.

Main Advantages

  • Continuous oil regeneration permits the highest machine performance
  • Filters replacement avoids oil change every 2.000 hours
  • No contamination (reduced bacterial phenomena) and no condensation
  • Accurate and careful filtration system
  • Run production guarantee during O.P.S. maintenance
  • Installed in an easy-accessible position
  • Service intervals are few and far between
  • Reduced costs related to the waste of oil
  • Environment friendly system
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