NiSoPURE – Improving your aseptic dairy & food production

NiSoPURE a low environmental impact skid for sterile water generation that connected to the aseptic homogenizer drastically reduces the consumption of water and steam.


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NiSoPURE: sterile water generator

It is the most efficient skid to *sterilize and cool water used to flush homogenizers aseptic barriers. NiSoPURE is completely engineered and designed to save water and energy, reducing the environmental impact as well as the costs for the final user. Its breakthrough innovation origins in a virtuous temperature loop with full energy recovery and generates lots of advantages:

  • 90% of Water and Steam consumption saving compared to the standard system
  • Reduction of energy consumption (energy recovery)
  • High reliability of the process
  • Excellent quality standard of the sterile water

Lower environmental impact demonstrated by a LCA certified study carried out by Parma University revised by 3rd independent party (Ecoinnovazione srl spin-off ENEA).

 *sterilize water: Thermal treatment of NiSoPURE involves heating the water  for sufficient time to obtain value of F0=6 (parameter F0 is obtained from bacterial spore inactivation techniques).


The aseptic processing results in a better preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional aspects of food and prolongs the shelf-life, for this reason it is increasingly requested also in the dairy, beverage and food production (baby food, desserts, tomato-based products, etc ).

NiSoPURE is the ideal sterile water generator  for all Ariete aseptic homogenizer and high pressure pumps, especially in high flow rate productions. The NiSoPURE system is suitable for continuous UHT treatment and can be supplied as retrofit on existing machine.

Reduce waste and save money

In NiSoPURE the sterile fluid is obtained from the mains water to which, after a preheating step, a very small amount of steam is added, which increases its temperature ensuring its sterilization. The sterile water flows inside a heat exchanger in which it transfers power to the water in the inlet mains, preheating it.

The virtuous temperature loop of NiSoPURE recovers the heat of the sterile water and also does not need running water for cooling; hot water is chilled to the right temperature by the inlet pre-heating cold water. Applied to 5 piston homogenizer it allows to reduce consumption from 110 kg to only 10-15 kg/h of steam and from 2200 to 150 kg/h of water.

Savings calculation tool

The information contained in this calculation tool serves as a reference, please insert your Running Conditions and your Price Data to see your saving. Subject to modification.

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