MILLSTAR™ Milling System

The best milling procedure has a name

Efficient brewing starts with appropriate milling. The last three decades of practical experience have proven the efficiency of GEAs’ steeping conditioned milling concept. Our MILLSTAR™ combines the advantages and benefits of conventional wet and dry milling. This method ensures almost perfect husk conservation and optimal grinding of the endosperm, which provides numerous advantages for your brewing process and your final product beer.

Performance creates efficiency

MILLSTAR™ stands for convincing performance in the brewhouse. In terms of capacity, it can compete with any other milling system and method. In addition, it requires comparably low capital expenditure and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. The conversion from conventional dry milling to the MILLSTAR™ technology alone yields a capacity increase in the lauter tun of up to 20 %. Therefore the investment pays off within a very short period of time. In combination with the lauter tun we achieve a real win-win situation: in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), MILLSTAR™ plus lauter tun is by far the most efficient solution for your brewhouse.

No compromises on beer quality

With its special milling method and gentle grain treatment the MILLSTAR™ contributes to a higher wort quality. Instead of finely grinding the grain, it is crushed in a way to ensure optimal extraction and subsequent wash-out in the lauter tun. This does not only enable higher lauter tun loads. Due to the smaller surface and the fast processing the crushed grain is less susceptible to oxidation, which would affect beer quality. One more advantage for the flavor stability of your beer.

With all its technical advantages the MILLSTAR™ is the ideal system for a milling process that requires high flexibility. Thanks to its unique technical features, the customer can take essential measures already during mashing-in to ensure the high quality of his beers.

What makes the MILLSTAR™ so special

  • Hygienic design for efficient cleaning
  • Positive displacement pump for mashing-in: malt to water ratios of up to 1:2 (without rinsing)
  • Level control in mash hopper for low oxygen uptake
  • Optimized spray geometry to avoid mash flotation
  • Quality automation system: feed roller speed control
  • Temperature and flow of steeping water individually adjustable (standard for MILLSTAR™ 5 – 40 t)
  • Precise and easy adjustment of the crushing roller gap ´
  • Mash acidification possible directly in the mill
  • On request, available with equipment for inert gas flushing
  • Less ATEX protection measures required due to the wet grist


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