MLM – Multifunctional Lautering Management

Intelligence in the lautering process

The multidimensional system is very easy to operate and allows you to optimize technological target functions such as lautering time, yield and wort quality within the scope of the specified physical process limits. All breweries applying the MLM procedure showed results that were clear and very impressive: The lautering times could be reduced considerably, without affecting quality, with a simultaneous increase of the number of brews.

Convincing profitability: MLM

It’s just better with MLM. The Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM) provides intelligent control technology for the complex and sensitive lautering process. You profit from shorter lautering times, higher yields and lower turbidity values. Variations in raw material quality are quickly detected and automatically balanced. Excellent results are no accident, but the result of consistently applied know-how.

In all our automation solutions, the MLM can be integrated completely. Of course, it can also be retrofitted to all Siemens S7-300, S7-400 and RSLogix Rockwell based systems. A retrofit that pays off very quickly.

MLM optimizes the lautering process
You specify the technological target parameters: lautering time, turbidity and yield. The Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM) automatically adjusts the parameters to the current conditions and optimizes the process. An algorithm that is constantly working in the background considers the process parameters and boosts your lauter tun to maximum performance.


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