WORTSTAR™ Craft Wort Aeration

The semi-automatic wort aeration system for craft brewing solutions − DN 25 up to DN 50

With the wort aeration system WORTSTAR™ Craft GEA has developed an aeration unit that is an innovative concept compared with other conventional aeration systems. Our unit treats the wort gently and works efficiently.

Top marks for a novel aeration principle

After cooling the wort is oxygenated to increase yeast activity and to start the fermentation process.

When the wort flows into the aeration nozzle, it creates a partial vacuum and air is entrained with the wort. This leads to an excellent bubble size distribution and thus to a large contact surface for oxygen uptake by the wort.

The GEA aeration unit – easy introduction of sterile air into the wort

With the aeration unit, sterile air is introduced into the wort through the defined annular gap of the annular gap nozzle. The complete annular gap nozzle can be CIP cleaned and sterilized with steam. The system is the standard for obtaining the optimum yeast flotation and activity, and more precise fermentation curves. This guarantees superior quality beer.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Continuous and exact wort aeration
  • Fine and even introduction of air into the cold wort through an annular gap nozzle
  • Optimum oxygen uptake by the wort is ensured due to finest air bubbles
  • Consistent hygienic design
  • Easy CIP cleaning
  • Completely pre-assembled system

Technical data:

  • Capacity range – 30 hl to 195 hl per hour
  • Standard sizes (wort pipe) – DN 25 to DN 50
  • Wort flow rate – 1.0 to 2.5 m/s
  • Pressure loss wort pipe – Max. 1.5 bar
  • Air pressure – 6.0 to 8.0 bar Ü
  • Control – Semi-automatic


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