POWDEREYE® for Inline Powder Analysis

Even the smallest deviation in quality and consistency during the drying process can lead to problems, rejected product or loss of production time.

POWDEREYE® for Inline Powder Analysis
POWDEREYE® for Inline Powder Analysis

GEA’s range of process control and monitoring systems are designed to optimize your spray drying process, giving you the best possible return at the lowest cost of ownership. With a range of sophisticated features to increase output efficiency, save energy and monitor product quality, each system offers significant advantages and ways to improve your production — and your profitability.

GEA’s POWDEREYE® analysis platform measures the powder properties of the end product, including residual moisture content, dark particles and density, enabling supervision of the product quality from the control room as well as process optimization via advanced software such as DRYCONTROL™.

Positioned after the final drying stage, the patent pending POWDEREYE® continuously measures:

  • residual moisture
  • dark particles (by hi-res imaging)
  • bulk density
  • tapped density
  • protein and fat content (optional).

Constructed of stainless steel and fitted with an anti-static polypropylene sample cup, the POWDEREYE® is ATEX-compatible and issues operator warnings when out-of-specification conditions are detected, providing a basis for final product control and process adjustments.

The autosampling function, operated by local touchscreen or from a SCADA system, collects a 200 mL aliquot from the product stream, which is presented to the test instruments and then either returned to the product flow or discharged through a sample collection port.


  • optimize moisture content in the final powder
  • identify scorched particles (<100 µm) before a quality specification is reached or a dangerous situation arises
  • timed or on-demand reference sampling
  • limited powder handling
  • sensitive, repeatable and reliable testing.
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