As established experts in raw material handling, mixing and blending, storage, end-of-line packaging, product recovery, cleaning and automation, GEA has the knowledge and technology to tackle any project, no matter how big or small. So, when a major home care manufacturer presented the company with the task of developing a “world class” multi-purpose liquid manufacturing plant, they knew a solution could be found.

Key issues were the challenges of alignment several different processing techniques and standardizing the manufacturing environment. Yet, whether a client needs a single component or a complete turnkey plant, GEA has the right technology and the right knowledge and experience to meet those requirements — every time — in terms of hygienic design, product safety, productivity, profitability and quality. As such, both project risk and costs were reduced, time-to-market was accelerated and a new customer culture regarding ingredient handling has been implemented.


GEA components provide advantages that enable superior economic performance and assist the user to gain operative advantages at reduced costs.

Flexible GEA Plant for Improved HPC Production

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