“Jajecznica” is the name of the traditional Polish breakfast; a large meal composed of eggs, sausages, potatoes and cheese. In Poland during the nineties, the shelves of supermarkets started filling with corn flakes and other breakfast cereals that were produced mainly by foreign companies. People were starting to demand a modern and lighter alternative for their morning meals. OBST saw the opportunity to break into a growing market and partnered with GEA Pavan to provide a local alternative for the production of breakfast cereals.

In 1997 OBST ordered the first line from GEA Pavan, creating a strong strategic partnership that lasts to this day, after more than 20 years. With six GEA Pavan lines installed, OBST provides high standards of quality and extreme flexibility, selling 3500 tons per year of breakfast cereals exported into Europe, Africa and Asia.

Thanks to GEA Pavan’s advanced extrusion technology, the Polish company now produces high quality breakfast cereals articulated in a range of 20 different products, serving the most demanding consumers with specific lines such as sugar-free vitaminic whole grains. In addition to this range, they also produce Super Oat specifically developed to reduce cholesterol.

This is possible thanks to GEA Pavan’s extrusion machines, like the TT Twin-screw Extruder series which ensures high efficiency and quality of results, enabling to produce a wide range of final products thanks to a great combination of time, temperature and mechanical input in the cooking phase.

The development of such a variety of products was also possible thanks to the collaboration with GEA Pavan’s R&D Department. By testing new formulation at our Center in Italy, our R&D team helped OBST formulating new recipes to develop their products. This contributed to the creation of an interesting balance between cost and quality offered. In addition, it fostered the collaboration among the two companies enabling OBST to continue increasing their production capacity.

More than 20 years have passed since I decided to work with GEA Pavan and I can confirm with full knowledge of the facts that it was the right decision.”– Boguslaw Obst, founder of the company

GEA Pavan and OBST are now working on a new line that will allow the Polish company to go to the market with more innovative products, extending a long-lasting collaboration that aims at turning marketable ideas into concrete and successful products.

The customer: OBST SA

OBST SA is one of the leading Polish producers of breakfast cereal, shaped cereal products and crisp bread. The company was founded in 1997 by an entrepreneur from Chełm Bogusław Obst. Since then it has been developing rapidly by introducing newer and newer products. The idea behind the brand was to establish a Polish family company which would operate on an environmentally friendly basis and supply the citizens of Chełm with healthy food for adults as well as children. Thanks to its high quality products and palatability OBST SA quickly gained its recognition among consumers. Currently OBST SA is a nation- and worldwide company with a large choice of breakfast products.


TT92evo is the twin extruder with the highest power and widest range of final products, with a capacity of 1,2 tons/h of cereal based pellets snacks.

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