GEA pectinMaster


Optimizes the entire number of process steps thanks to its maximized separation efficiency. The fleet comes in a hygienic design, is protected against corrosion and abrasion. Explosion-proof designs are also available.

GEA pectinMaster – pure product, high efficiency and an external non product-contacting gear box

The GEA pectinMaster not only optimizes your yield, it may also decide the economic efficiency of your plant. High separation efficiency, ideally in combination with a GEA clarifier, may reduce the total number of the process steps in your plant. As a result you may reduce production times, equipment and increase your earnings.

GEA pectinMaster in hygienic design is especially made in accordance with your process requirements.

Yield optimization even during production by the patented GEA varipond system

Optimize your yield – even during process – should conditions vary: GEA varipond allows you to adapt the liquid level in the bowl seamlessly at any time by simply altering the air pressure.

Product contacting parts protected against corrosion and abrasion

Product contacted parts of the maschine are subjected to very harsh conditions. To protect your investment and ensure a long service life of the machine, all product contacting parts of the GEA pectinMaster are specially cladded against corrosion and abrasion. Maintenance is reduced substantially while the machine enjoys a reliable protection.

Hygienic design as a standard

The hygienic design of the pectinMaster has a number of jet spays to reliably clean all product-contacting parts inside the decanter centrifuge. Moreover, special cleaning procedures consisting of pre-cleaning and CIP-programs ensure a maximum cleanliness of the machine. Hygienic design as such means a reduction of gaps and edges and especially that the possibility for a product to stick to the machine is literally reduced to zero.

Features & advantages

  • Optimized yield, may result in reducing the number of your entire process steps
  • GEA patented varipond system for the seamless optimization of yield even during process
  • Hygienic design for maximum cleanlines
  • CIP-able
  • Low wear and tear: Protected against corrorion and abrasion. All product-contacting parts are made of high-alloyed stainless steels
  • Secure option: Gas-tight decanters complying with the test criteria of the strict European ATEX standard. The oxygen atmosphere in the decanter is displaced with inert gas and the excess pressure is maintained during operation to assure inert gas blanketing.
  • Pure product, high efficiency: non-product contacting GEA summation-drive with intelligent kinematics for high differential speeds and torques which enables processing of high solid capacities. High efficiency of the drive since the variable speed motor feeds in energy and does not brake


  • pectinMaster 8000 40 – 60m³/h
  • pectinMaster 7000 30 – 40m³/h
  • pectinMaster 6000 20 – 30m³/h
  • pectinMaster 5000 15 – 25m³/h
  • pectinMaster 4000 10 – 15m³/h
  • pectinMaster 3000 5 – 10m³/h
  • pectinMaster 1000 1 – 2m³/h

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