GEA Codex® Historian
MES solutions An at-a-glance overview of past analog and digital values


GEA Codex® Historian is a feature-rich data recorder that adds transparency to any process. It supports various presentation formats — from stacked digital to Gantt style — and a variety of data entry techniques

GEA Codex® Historian presents an at-a-glance overview of past analog and digital values, as well as equipment status, in Gantt graph style, making it possible to compare two batches in one chart and add recordable comments. Ad hoc user-definable combinations of values can be expressed in dynamic charts for immediate transparency, and data can be imported from various sources — such as LIMS or manual entries. High resolution recording facilitates production process validation.

Recognize your benefits:

  • Create views and define how you look at your data
  • Gain knowledge about dependencies from combined data views
  • Visual grids and interlaces support reviews of large data sets
  • Faster lookups by smart filtering in large lists
  • High reliability with built-in redundancy
  • Add comments to inform and collaborate
  • Modern and user friendly UX

This small-footprint software application has a long history in industrial environments. Built to record and visualize all available analog and digital information, it can be modified to accommodate ad hoc value combinations according to specific parameter requirements.

Batch or event-based data can be acquired from SCADA screens and is accessible with just one click. Annotations and comments can be added and time-stamped, and information from sources such as LIMS or manual entries can be collected and stored. A preferred recording resolution can be defined by the operator.

Furthermore, additional views (combinations of values displayed in one screen) can be developed during normal operation, and dynamic triggers (event-based signals) can be used post-recording to separate data into logical subsets, such as clean-in-place [CIP] duration times.

Compatible with GEA Codex, import and export features ensure that the collected data can be used in other applications. Plus, with a built-in redundancy facility, the system will automatically recover and rebuild any missed data after a period of inactivity/downtime.

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