Oil, Starch & Sweeteners

Customized Solutions for the Production and Processing of Oil, Sugar and Starch

Fluctuating world market prices have led to challenges for producers in the oil, starch and sugar industries. To help improve production efficiency and optimize profits, GEA has developed customized solutions for flexible process management, which minimize water and energy consumption. From stand-alone machines to complete installations, GEA supplies the market with the key technologies for efficient production processes.

Oil recovery and oil refining: innovative process technology

GEA offers process technology for the recovery and refining of nearly all vegetable and animal oils and fats, as well as oil refining for press oil clarification, degumming, neutralization, dewaxing, fractionation and soapstock splitting. Our technologies are also used for the production of high-quality biodiesel.

GEA centrifugal separation technology, concentration installations and drying technologies offer guarantee maximum yields at any scale of production. Our years of experience in the field of recovering and processing raw materials that contain oil mean that we have extensive process know-how at all production stages. In addition to providing advanced individual machines, we can supply entire process lines, or even design and implement complete, customized installations. Our system solutions meet the needs of each specific production task, and ensure extremely efficient and reliable overall processes. Consuming minimum quantities of water and energy, our systems can also make an important contribution to economic success.

Flexible systems for the recovery of starch, gluten and by-products

In the recovery of starch, gluten and their by-products, our multi-purpose installations ensure high yields and first-class product quality. GEA’s flexible technology can be used for the processing of a wide range of raw materials, whilst making efficient use of energy and resources to reduce operating costs, which benefits plant profitability. Efficient water management in particular means that a much lower volume of fresh water is used, which also reduces waste water and so cuts disposal costs.

The efficient processing of by-products is one area that offers enormous potential for optimizing the overall process. GEA’s know-how in process water treatment, as well as in protein and fiber recovery, means that we can provide industry with first-class, customized installation concepts that are designed to ensure smooth production procedures at all process stages. Our multipurpose installations can be deployed for a wide range of raw materials and for the production of a wide range of end products, whether customers use them in the production of animal feed or for subsequent ethanol production.

Efficient technologies for the sugar industry

GEA offers a range of key technologies and solutions for the sugar industry, from drying, cooling and concentration technologies, to filtration and mechanical separation solutions for a wide range of process stages. We can also deliver complete installations for forming and packaging sugar-based products. Our engineering solutions are designed to support the industry in the production of raw sugar from sugar cane and from sugar beet, and also in the processing and refining of raw materials. 

By maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, GEA systems enable optimized processes. 

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