Liquid Food

Sauces for Refining Dishes

When you want to give a burger or sandwich a little more spice, mayonnaise and sauces are the answer. GEA can provide the equipment that will take your product through post production, to bottling. Put your premium ketchup, sauces and dips in our reliable hands.

Tasty additions

Mayonnaise and mayonnaise-like products, for example, are very popular and have a widespread global market. GEA offers the equipment for a specific part of the mayonnaise manufacturing process, which involves cooling the product and guiding it on the bottling phase, together with  storage in valves or tanks. GEA’s products are developed to meet the latest standards for saving energy and product quality.

Our products also offer other economic benefits. We can tailor for each customer a flexible combination of modules that will demonstrate high economic and environmental efficiency, and which will provide optimum options for production planning and marketing, but with minimum expenditure in terms of time and cost for energy, operation control and maintenance.

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