Liquid Dairy

A Global Variety of Liquid Dairy Products

GEA specializes in the design of processing systems for all types of liquid dairy products. With production safety at the forefront, we can provide a comprehensive range of processing components developed and designed for the liquid processing industry. Our product know-how, combined with our strong process engineering and design expertise, will ensure optimum plant design and hygienic solutions for all types of liquid dairy products.

The Batch Formula at Anuga Foodtec


Liquid dairy products are categorized as fresh products. However, the milk used is actually processed milk, as it is subjected to heat treatment – to ensure both that hygiene and safety requirements are met and that all the valuable nutrients in the milk are preserved. All liquid products are processed through a pasteurizing system, which includes pre-heating via regenerative heating, separation and standardization. GEA can supply equipment and technologies for all separation, concentration, homogenization, automation, cleaning-in-place (CIP), filling and packaging tasks for all areas of the dairy industry.

As a main contractor we provide complete dairy processing lines, world-wide. But rather than just supplying the components, GEA offers project management expertise that is dedicated to designing and overseeing the highest quality project, from the point of inception to the point of handover to customer, on time, and within budget. GEA’s clients include some of the largest and most well-known dairies world-wide, and we work in partnership with our customers to co-design improvements and create optimum turn-key solutions.

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Aurivo significantly reduces on-site fossil fuel consumption by some 80% with GEA solution

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Working with Arla Foods to produce better food for our children

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Aseptic PET bottling for milk based drinks in India

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