GEA optimizes plant utilization at old-established Gutmann Brewery

The Gutmann wheat beer brewery in Titting, Bavaria, has been family owned and operated since 1855. Since 1913, wheat beer has been produced in Titting. Meanwhile, the Gutmann family has specialized in this type of beer and is still using the original traditional method. In addition to consistently high product quality, conservation of natural resources is an important issue for the brewery. This is laid down in the brewery’s environmental management, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004. One of the objectives is the continuous reduction of energy and water consumption.

As part of these efforts, the CIP processes in the brewery were closely examined in 2009. GEA presented its new CIP concept and demonstrated its advantages in a direct comparison with the existing CIP process. The previous CIP concept of Gutmann Brewery included automatic cleaning of the vessels in the following order: mash tun kettle 1, mash tun kettle 2, lauter tun, pre-run tank, wort kettle, Whirlpool. After cleaning of the brewing vessels, the pipes were cleaned with a manual caustic brew. The upgrade concept developed by GEA provides for combined vessel and pipe cleaning, a caustic brew is not required.

Exact monitoring of the cleaning process

To allow a direct comparison, the Gutmann CIP system was prepared for the existing cleaning method in exactly the same way as for the modernized cleaning process and cleaning agents were dosed. In this way it was ensured that the CIP tanks did not only have the same concentration, but also the same temperatures and filling levels. After that, all counter readings in the process control system were reset (operating times of pumps, water meters and flow meters for detergent concentrates). For both methods, additional dosing of caustic and acid was required once between the cleaning steps to ensure cleaning efficiency. At the end of brewhouse cleaning, all cleaning agents in the CIP tanks were concentrated again to restore the initial situation and thus allow a direct comparison of the two different methods. The cleaning processes of both concepts were observed and documented. Occupation times, electric power consumption as well as the consumption of cleaning agents, H2O2- cleaning intensifiers and water were determined.

The comparison showed that after the CIP upgrade by GEA the consumption of cleaning agents was reduced. The new constellation of the CIP areas also had a positive effect on the power consumption during cleaning. The higher energy consumption with the previous concept can be attributed to the caustic brew.

Resulting advantages:
The upgrade of the CIP processes results in a time advantage of about 3 hours. Now, the brewer does not need to be present in the brewhouse for these 3 hours, which allows customers to save labor costs. Furthermore, the new concept makes it possible to run production processes and CIP cleaning processes in the brewhouse simultaneously. If the brewery is interested in maximum equipment utilization particularly in peak times, the greatest savings potential can be found there. As product-safety is ensured in the complete pipework of the individual plant sections, production can start earlier and additional capacities can be created.
Maximum product safety was one of the key requirements in the project. The innovative GEA CIP concept is a useful instrument to boost production with only few mechanical modifications. In the final evaluation of the concepts, the CIP concept developed in Kitzingen had significant advantages in terms of energy costs and consumptions and increased plant availability at the same time. After preparation of the concept and order placement, GEA needed only 4 months for successful execution and commissioning.


The modern CIP concept of GEA meets the highest standards.

Our experts guarantee product safety at any point of the process. Every upgrade is adapted to individual local conditions and customer requirements and leads to noticeable savings. Individual consulting and customer-specific configurations aim at low investment costs, fast commissioning and short downtimes. Complete integration into the existing process control system ensures automatic and trouble-free cleaning and higher economic efficiency at the same time. The modern CIP concept of has proved successful in many plants worldwide.

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