Solutions for Vegetable Protein Manufacturing

Expertise for making high quality vegetable proteins

Vegetable protein manufacturers expect their production lines to process consistently high-quality products that meet customer expectations for purity, physical properties and functionality. GEA works hand-in-hand with the industry to configure cost-effective, versatile technologies and complete processing solutions, for various protein types, raw materials and plant capacities.


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We can supply preconfigured, standalone equipment, or tailor and install complete integrated lines for processing multiple products from oil-rich or starch-rich raw materials. GEA expertise spans the complete process, from preparing raw materials, through to protein extraction, isolation and purification, to downstream starch and fiber drying, and effluent treatment.

Protein extraction and purification

We offer a comprehensive range of robust, versatile centrifuges for separating and purifying protein concentrates and isolates. Counter-current decanter systems from GEA ensure maximized protein yield with reduced water consumption. Centrifugal separators can further improve protein isolate purity, while membrane separation technologies are capable of isolating specific protein fractions.

GEA centrifuges guarantee high separation efficiency, so customers can be confident of optimum yield. Engineered using sophisticated drive systems that save energy and minimize downtime, our industry-leading hygienic design and options for efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) plants mean that all GEA units meet the most stringent requirements for safe food processing.

Protein drying

GEA has developed a wide range of spray dryers for processing powders with precisely defined particle size and density, dispersion and solubility properties. CIP options ensure that cleaning is fast and thorough, to reduce stoppage time.

Our FSD® is a multi-stage system that combines spray drying and fluid bed technology in a single plant. Highly flexible for processing powders with different agglomeration and lecithination properties, the FSD® produces uniform, coarse, free-flowing particles and powders for optimum dispersibility.

The TALL FORM DRYER™ features nozzle atomizers to produce both small particles and agglomerates, with particle sizes of 50-150 µm. We can also offer a conventional single-stage spray dryer with an external VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® fluidized bed for producing particles larger than 100 µm.

Starch and fiber drying

Flash and ring-type solid feed dryers from GEA can be configured to handle multiple products, including dry powders, cakes, pastes, gels and slurries. Highly versatile, our single-pass and P-type ring dryers are ideal for heat-sensitive products. GEA ring dryers also feature manifold technology to recirculate heavier, semi-dried material back into the wet feed for another pass. This system increases efficiency and improves product quality. Thermal efficiency can be further improved by running the dryer in a partial gas recycle (PGR) configuration.

GEA solid feed dryers can be supplied with twin paddle mixers, and use either cascading screen, sling or disintegrator-type mechanisms to disperse wet feed into the drying air stream. Options include a suction discharge system to reduce dust emissions.

Effluent treatment and CIP

GEA offers efficient solutions for minimizing fresh water consumption and recovering process water. Our falling film evaporators are designed to operate under vacuum and low temperature differential, and react quickly to changes in energy supply, feed quantities, and concentrations. Flexible and easy to operate, our systems feature low liquid content, for quick start-up and switching from operating to cleaning mode. Multi-effect plants heated using thermal vapour recompressor (TVR) or mechanical vapour recompressor (MVR) systems are available.

A GEA reverse osmosis plant can further purify condensate from the evaporator, generating a high purity permeate that can be recycled as process water or used for cleaning-in-place. We offer the most advanced cross-flow membrane filtration systems, from reverse osmosis up to microfiltration.

Innovative, sustainable CIP solutions from GEA ensure highly effective, efficient cleaning of all equipment. Our CIP and sterilization-in-place (SIP) plants meet the most stringent standards for equipment and product safety, and are designed to reduce water and detergent use, minimize manual cleaning and cut stoppage time.


GEA understands that every plant will have different process automation requirements, so we work with our customers to tailor software and services from basic process control to integrated, enterprise-wide networks with manufacturing executions systems. We can configure a solution to manage and monitor every stage of your vegetable protein process, so you can rely on robust consistent processing, efficient use of resources, and high quality products.

Test centers

Our equipment is available to trial at our state-of-the-art test centers in Europe and the USA, for wet separation, evaporation and membrane filtration, solid feed drying and spray drying.

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