Solutions for Mayonnaise Production Lines

Expertise for making high quality mayonnaise

GEA provides a comprehensive range of technologies and equipment for fully integrated mayonnaise manufacturing lines, from raw materials reception to filling. We work closely with each customer at every stage, starting at inception and design, right through to hand-over.

Reception and handling of raw ingredients

Our technologies for raw materials reception can handle all your ingredients, including both liquid and powdered eggs. Control systems linked to automated scanning and weighing equipment ensure that every ingredient is accurately weighed and stored under optimum conditions. 

Mixing for stable emulsions

Homogeneous mixing is a key stage in mayonnaise production. GEA has developed temperature-controlled mixing technologies that generate stable, highly homogeneous emulsions. The versatile one-pot BATCH FORMULA® Mixer features a high shear device that produces very small oil droplet size, avoids trapping microbubbles in product and prevents flocculation and sedimentation. The BATCH FORMULA® Mixer employs a vacuum technology that introduces ingredients below the surface of the liquid. This results in instant emulsification, avoids agglomeration and the creation of ‘fish eyes’, and reduces air incorporation and foaming. A hygienic system design ensures total drainage of the BATCH FORMULA® Mixer between batches, which reduces waste, minimizes product loss and speeds up cleaning. Configured with highly efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP), the hygienic BATCH FORMULA® Mixer allows the highest quality mixing, with faster processing times.

CIP and Automation

Sanitary, hygienic equipment design and automation are key features of GEA systems for many key processes. We have developed innovative CIP technologies for equipment and technologies that help to ensure effective, automated cleaning, and fast product changeover. GEA designs prevent product leakage into cleaning lines to reduce the chance of contamination or product carry-over. Highly efficient operation uses less water and detergent, which saves on resource use and costs. For some plant configurations it may not be necessary to stop the production line even when some equipment is undergoing its CIP cycle.

Choosing the best control and automation systems for any processing plant can dramatically improve operational efficiency, reduce raw material and resource use, and ensure reliable, consistent processing.  GEA knows that every plant will have different requirements for automation, from basic process control systems to integrated, enterprise-wide networking infrastructures with recipe creation and management modules. We work with each customer to tailor the ideal system for monitoring and controlling key process parameters in the mayonnaise production process, while reducing the need for manual oversight and intervention.


GEA also understands the importance of reducing waste to improve final profits. Our state-of-the-art product recovery systems minimize product losses by recovering valuable product from pipe systems. The VARICOVER® Product Recovery Systems can be configured for even the longest piping routes to reduce waste and prevent carry-over. Less product in the pipes means higher product yield and better products, as well as faster CIP cleaning, which improves productivity.

To ensure the optimum operation of every process stage GEA offers technologically advanced and highly robust and reliable flow components, pumps and valves that can handle the most challenging of processes. The hygienic GEA Hilge NOVALOBE® pump range, for example, uses pore-free materials and is ideally suited to viscous media.

But GEA doesn’t just offer equipment and components. We take care of every detail, to make sure that our customers can rely on robust, seamless operation of their plant, right from day one.  GEA in addition offers state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot test facilities that give customers the opportunity to work with experts to try out new mayonnaise recipes and formulations, or to develop and validate new processes.

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