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The beverage industry for still and carbonated drinks, water as well as for juices is enormous and includes a huge variety of products. Regardless if you need a new plant or an extension, GEA has the solution – also for spirits and wine. We provide complete solutions for processing numberless different beverages to meet today´s requirements all over the world.

From reception up to filling and packaging

Juicing with GEA decanter, separator, membrane filtration units and evaporation plants are suitable for practically all types of fruits which can be used commercially. Even the smallest batches can be processed quickly and easily. Continuous production in a closed system means increased microbiological safety and hygienic process management. Substances which determine value can be extracted selectively. The result: always uniform juice quality with a defined trub content.

GEA supplies besides the key process steps all additional equipment which is necessary for heating, cooling, degassing, aroma recovery, desulphurization and condensation.

Starting from the reception of raw materials as a concentrate or powder combined with storage of all these components we are able to deliver complete processing lines. Raw materials will be delivered in bags, containers, bulk containers, trucks, drums or cans.

GEA provides different solutions for dissolving of powder like flavor, aromas or sweetener. Liquids like beverages compounds or sugar will be performed either as batch process or with inline-technology. Other powders will be dissolved in a specially designed dissolving station before adding it to the product.

In the mixing process all these raw materials are blended in exact proportions with each other, and mixed to form a marketable product. To achieve the best results inline or batch processes will be used.

After mixing of the RTD (ready-to-drink) product or concentrate, which will be blended afterwards, the product will undergo a heat treatment to increase the shelf life.

During the pasteurization performed with plate heat exchanger or tubular heat exchanger the product can be de-aerated and/or homogenized. The heated product will be stored in a buffer tank under aseptic conditions followed by aseptic carbonation if needed.

The produced product will then be provided for the filling process. GEA provides complete filling lines in a constantly high quality for any kind of beverages.



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