Process Solutions for the Skin Care Market

GEA is your single-source solution provider for application-specific equipment, including standard and bespoke mixing and blending technologies, liquid handling components such as pumps, valves and product recovery systems, homogenization equipment and clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

A Growing Market

A truly global industry, mainly driven by the US and Europe in terms of volume and value, the skin care market is both buoyant and expanding. The huge demand for natural and organic products, an ageing population that wants to retain the appearance of youth and higher levels of disposable income are all contributing to worldwide growth, even in emerging geographies such as Africa, as well as more developed areas such as Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. An increasing focus on personal care and hygiene is encouraging new players to enter the market whereas more established manufacturers are focusing on technological innovations to improve functionality and ease of use, and deliver better results.

The GEA Solution

As the demand for personal care products to meet and sustain physical, chemical and microbiological requirements continues to increase, so does the demand for hygiene, reliability, flexibility and guaranteed process outcomes. As well as being hygienic, today’s processing equipment needs to be utterly trustworthy, adaptable to changing market demands and provide a secure platform for innovation that allows customers to develop new products and bring them to market securely and quickly. But it’s not sufficient simply to keep up with current good practices; GEA is known worldwide as an innovator, a company that leads the market by driving standards to which others aspire.

Avoid Agglomerates

By selecting the right mixing equipment to manufacture skin care products, long processing times and agglomerates can be avoided, offering significant time and cost advantages. Having the appropriate mixing, blending and homogenization equipment is an essential element in the ability to produce high quality skin care products, and GEA has a long history and extensive expertise in the design, production and supply of market-leading technologies to provide the most appropriate equipment for your specific application.

Repeatable Processes

Skin care products such as ointments, creams, serums, lotions and cleansers are used for a variety of purposes, such as cleansing and moisturizing. Ingredients and formulations will vary according to the desired use; however, the universal constant is the need to have a robust and repeatable process so that the same formulation is produced each time and every time a process is run.



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