Instant Coffee Plant

From roasting and grinding through to instant products.

Instant Coffee Plant
Instant Coffee Plant

Whether the instant coffee is to be a spray dried-, freeze dried- or a liquid product, GEA’s Instant Coffee plants comprises the comprehensive processes, from roasting and grinding through to the packaging of the instant products – ready for shipment.

Aroma, yield and operational efficiency

A GEA Instant Coffee plant is designed for superior performance. Whether it is aroma recovery – collecting, clarification of weak and thick extract and extract recovery, handling and re-introducing the coffee aroma – yield or operational efficiency, we are constantly developing new solutions to provide the best performance within the industry.

Our solutions include proprietary GEA technologies as well as equipment from trusted partners in coffee-bean handling, and roasting & grinding.

GEA is not only the process technology. Having designed, delivered and serviced instant coffee plants for decades, our expertise covers the complete life-cycle of the plant, including:

• Trial production and product testing
• Process development and optimisation
• Plant design and engineering
• Project management
• Plant delivery, installation and commissioning
• Training of plant operators
• Service; supply of spare parts, maintenance programs as well as plant upgrades

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