Dental and Oral Care Processing Solutions

From endo-, ortho- and periodontic products to prosthetics, alloys, bonding agents, biomaterials, disposables, restoratives and preventives, the market for dental and oral health products is booming.

Globally, the oral care sector comprises products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes that are designed to improve oral hygiene and deliver dental care. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the effects of poor oral hygiene, as well as wanting to maintain an aesthetically pleasing smile and fresh breath. Further, factors such as increasing dental tourism and aesthetic dentistry amongst an ageing population are strong industry drivers. Manufacturers are responding to these demands with a range of formulation innovations and less-traditional appliances and implements.

The GEA Solution

With more than 30 years of experience in the home and personal care markets, GEA has acquired the required expertise in products, raw materials handling, manufacturing techniques and applied cleaning technologies to provide our customers with the most important deliverable in capital and upgrading projects: security of outcome. At GEA, we have freedom of design. We look at our customers’ needs, understand their manufacturing processes and consider the most suitable technologies to achieve the agreed performances.

From that point, we use our unique combination of skilled process and automation resources — as well as our global presence — to tailor integrated process solutions for optimum performance at the right capital cost. With our unique set of skills and global network, we believe that it is our responsibility to seek the most effective solution in terms of optimum capital cost and minimum operational cost/risk.

GEA’s market-leading hygienic by design technology, across the whole scope of supply, provides a unique synergy that can aid product development, provide fast-tracked design and installation, reduce time to market and create best of breed plants that perform now and well into the future. We also integrate third party equipment if that is a better solution for your project.

Key to the production of oral care products are GEA’s top-of-the-range, standard and customizable mixing and blending technologies, liquid handling flow components — pumps, valves and product recovery systems — and clean-in-place (CIP) solutions. Every component of a GEA personal care processing line is designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, ensuring safe operation and reliable product quality.



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