Upgrades / Modernization / Optimization

Upgrades/Modernization/Optimization ‒ Boost the potential of your equipment

Everything changes: technology, markets, legislation and customer expectations. At GEA we work with you to make sure your equipment and plant keeps up with the demand and improved technology: improving safety and efficiency, reducing costs, providing longer lifetime and ensuring the flexibility you need.

Keeping your plant at optimum efficiency

When your equipment or processing plant was installed by GEA it represented the ultimate in safety, efficiency and productivity. But as everything evolves or new legislation is introduced, it needs to be kept up to date. At GEA we work alongside you, sharing our know-how and bringing you the latest innovations and developments to make sure your equipment and plant always meets your needs and is optimized for performance, reliability and legislative compliance.

Lower plant running costs, improved performance and higher sustainability

We offer upgrades, modernizations and optimizations of your equipment and plant to take advantage of technical advancements and to meet new quality requirements or safety and environmental legislation as well as new products and packaging concepts. This can include new equipment, new control systems or the implementation of new techniques. The main advantages are reduction in manufacturing costs, extended lifetime of equipment and plant, improving productivity through less down time and advanced performance, reduce energy consumption and help you to achieve emission targets. Upgrading, modernizing or optimizing your equipment or plant can also help you to bring new products to market and, through greater flexibility, allow the production of a wider range of products with a minimum capital investment and a very short implementation time.

Ongoing process of evaluation and improvement

We provide regular health checks for your equipment and plant (see Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance). This involves using data analytics and simulation models to work out how new developments can best be applied to enhance your processes and optimize your results. Our global consultancy approach is part of the GEA service philosophy and is available to all our customers worldwide.

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