Sampling Valve VARIVENT® IT

The sampling valve VARIVENT® Type IT is used for drawing small samples of liquids and viscous media. Manual or pneumatic actuation is combined in the actuator. Different interfaces ensure a wide application range


Various types of connection nozzles are available for a safe and no loss discharge of the sample volume into the sample receptacles. Spiral flame nozzles are used for liquids containing CO2 and other medium tending to foam.

  • Hose nozzle
  • Flame nozzle straight
  • Flame nozzle 90°
  • Interfaces for Luer connector and Keofitt and Schütt accessories
Technical Data
Item Size
Size DN 10 up to 150

1″ up to 6″ OD

2″ up to 6″ IPS

Weight app. 1 kg
Material of product stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L
Contact parts Check corrosion resistance with respect to media and detergents
Installation position upright
Ambient temperature 0 up to 45 °C, standard
Product temperature and operating temperature depending on the sealing material
Product pressure max. 10 bar, standard
Air requirement 13,1 cm3/stroke


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