Product Recovery System 3A VARICOVER®

Product Recovery Systems are used for the recovery of valuable products from pipe systems. The VARICOVER® Product Recovery System has been redesigned according to the new 3A standard for use in the US beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. The new pigging system design has implemented a more user friendly assembly and adjusting of all position sensors.

The following components meet the 3A Standard

  • Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A
  • Pig Catching Station
  • Pig Stopper 3A
  • Piggable Tee 3A
  • Pigs in Silicone and FKM


  • Pocket-free and CIP-/SIP-able
  • Cost savings due to reduced waste water load
  • Reduced consumption of CIP chemicals and water
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • 3A certified according to 3A sanitary standard 101-00
    (Pipeline Product Recovery Equipment using Projectiles)


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Pig Catching Station

In the catching pipe where the pig is mechanically stopped, the pig will not be flooded with cleaning media. If the pig catching station is used as a pig receiving station, (Product Recovery System EMI/1) the pig leaves the station directly after its arrival. The mechanical pig stop which is integrated in the catching pipe is thoroughly cleaned during the pipe cleaning program. Pipe connections with VARIVENT® flange connections.

Product Recovery Systems are applicable for products as

  • Shampoo, lotions, creams, toothpaste
  • Pharmaceutical liquid products
  • Washing agents, cleaning agents
  • Yoghurt, quark, cheese
  • Fruit pulp, syrup, concentrates
  • Dough, vegetable oil
  • Personal care products
  • Internal medicines

Range of Application in Production Plants

  • From product reception to pre-mix tanks
  • From pre-mix tanks to mixing/process tanks
  • From mixing/process tanks to storage tanks
  • From storage tanks to filler lines
  • From treatment lines to storage tanks/filler lines
  • Dairy and Food Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Personal and Health Industry

The pocket-free design of the pig cleaning station is suitable for CIP and SIP. It is integrated into the product pipework and can be used either as a launching or receiving station. Product or CIP solutions are transferred in either direction past the pig which is firmly held in the unit. The station is designed so that the cross sectional area around the pig is the same as the pipework.

The actuator of the pig cleaning station MST 3A has been redesigned. Through the new plastic actuator the position of the piston rod can be detected, which enabled us to shorten the length of the actuator. Additionally, the adjustment of the position sensors has been made more user friendly.

Furthermore, the station has a newly designed open lantern. In addition, the mounting of the magnetic sensors for pig detection has been simplified by using a new holder on the pig station housing.

Pig Stopper 3A

The actuator of the pig stopper 3A is developed according to the same design concept as the pig cleaning station MST 3A. The open lantern concept applies here as well.

In the spring-closing position of the pig stopper, a rod travels over the entire pipe cross section. The product is conveyed into the area via the free cross section around the rod, while the pig remains captured by the pig stopper. On pneumatic actuation of the stopper the pig is released for further operations. The pig stopper is clamped between two VARIVENT® grooved flanges.

The pig stopper has two main functions:

  1. In the Product Recovery System EMII/1, the pig stopper prevents the pig from sliding out of the station in the case of vacuum build-up.
  2. The use of pig stoppers allows the location of pigs in pipes before or after Tee pieces.

Piggable Tee 3A

Special tees in pigging systems are used as product inlet/outlet components. The branch-off socket which is reduced by one nominal width, ensures a straight passage of the pig. For pipe connections VARIVENT flange connections are used.

The pig is an inert flexible body made from wear and temperature resistant, product compatible material. Its contours allow safe cleaning of the entire surface; its shape ensures an optimal passage through small and large pipe bends and tees. The position of the pig is detected via magnetic-inductive proximity switches (magnetic switch). Pigs are made from FDA-approved materials such as Silicone or FPM.

Please refer to the catalog for more information.

Technical Data
Sizes DN25  -DN100
1“OD – 4“OD
Product contact parts  (standard) Internals 1.4404
Inside Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
Outside matt finish
Non-product contact parts: 1.4301
Surface matt finish
Seals: Standard EPDM (FDA)
Operating temp. 135° C
Sterilizing temp. 150° C (short time)
optional: FKM (FDA), HNBR (FDA))
Pigs: Silcone
(FDA, EU Regulation 1935/2004 food compliance) FKM
(FDA, EU Regulation 1935/2004 food compliance)
Operating pressure
max. 10 bar, for sizes DN80
respectively 3” OD and bigger
max. 16 bar, for sizes DN65
respectively 2.5” OD and smaller
Control air
Pig Cleaning Station: min. 4.8 bar; max. 8 bar
Pig Stopper: min. 4.2 bar; max. 8 bar


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