Mixproof Shut-off Valves VARIVENT® L, piggable

A special feature of this valve is that one of the valve housings may be pushed out using a pig. This technique allows for the recovery of high quality products at the end of a process step and thus to minimize product residues inside the pipe.


Please refer to the catalog for more information.

Technical Data of the Standard Version
Type L_H,

Piggable Upside Down

Type L_S,

Piggable Upright

Material in contact with the product 1.4404 / AISI 316 L
Material not in contact with the product 1.4301 / AISI 304
Seal material in contact with the product EPDM, FKM, HNBR
Ambient temperature 0 to 45 °C
Air supply pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Product pressure 5 bar (73 psi)
Surface in contact with the product Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
External housing surface Matte blasted
Control and feedback system Connection 0 (without control top)
Actuator type Pneumatic actuator air / spring
Connection fittings Welding end
Identification Adhesive ID tag
Valve seat version Welded seat ring
Certificates 3-A, CE
Double-seal valves, type C valves Double-seat valves, type K
DN 25 – DN 150 DN 25 – DN 150
OD 1″ – OD 6″ OD 1″ – OD 6″
IPS 2″ – IPS 6″
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