Butterfly Valves T-smart – General

With our T-smart 7 butterfly valves we now have improved the product features significantly, unique in this combination. These butterfly valves have a new sealing design and do meet the world wide high hygienic demands for components in process plants.

The double-sided valve disc bearing allows a defined seal compression. An optimal designed  product area reduces abrasion and achieves a gentle product handling. The intermediate  flange variant offers maximum service life and allows a plant extension even during operation. All variants of the T-smart butterfly valves are highly functional, CIP/SIP compatible, easy to maintain and reliable for the safety of the production process.


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A mixproof butterfly valve T-smart 9 is also available and suitable for various applications with direct access to the product area: in CIP systems, for flush-out processes, in water management,  as CIP return valve or in a valve matrix – just to name a few examples.

Being committed to economic efficiency, sustainability and service-orientation enables GEA to engineer products that meet the growing demands for more environmentally compatible components.

Your investment pays off

The current generation of GEA butterfly valves provide users with considerable cost savings. Compact actuators and efficient control technology keep energy consumption as low as possible.

Carefully designed flow paths free from dead corners minimize product loss. Long-life gaskets reduce operating costs. Consumption of time, water and resources is considerably reduced, with a positive impact on staff and process productivity.

Your investment in modern process technology from GEA thus provides special advantages to pay off in the shortest time.


  • High product quality
  • Reduced consumption of energy, water and cleaning media
  • Saves time in maintenance and cleaning

You score in terms of ecology

Lower consumption of energy, water and chemicals means less load on environment and climate.

On many markets, ecological criteria and the quality seals introduced for them increasingly determine retail assortment planning and what consumers will buy.

Users of GEA products will not only be at an advantage due to production processes which have proven to be environmentally friendly but also as a result of their maximum hygiene and care when processing their products.

This helps users to fulfil their own commitment to sustainable working methods – the best way towards a secure future!


  • Less load on climate and environment
  • Environmental orientation production methods
  • Maximum hygiene and care in product processing

Our support is your advantage

Plant designers and engineering companies appreciate the benefits offered by GEA : not only can they profit from a range of highly efficient products, they can also use the individually tailored engineering support available from GEA . Extensive digital tools are available to support our customers already before our products go into operation, from technical drawings to 3D models.

Maintenance service offers which protect your investment enable that the necessary service work on GEA components can be carried out with just minor interruptions in production processes individually tailored to the customer’s requirements.


  • Individual engineering support
  • Minimum production interruptions
  • Tailor-made service concepts
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