Rotor Detection System

The use of plastic rotors in demountable rotary valves has proven to be a viable solution to eliminate metal contact, which can occur with full stainless steel construction.

However, plastic rotors are not suitable for all applications, such as abrasive or high temperature products, or for CV applications that require stainless steel rotors to be used. For applications that involve abrasive materials or high temperatures (and limited tolerances), GEA has developed a special monitoring device to manage the potential risk of rotor scraping. The robust Generation 3 RDS has been specifically designed to meet CIP requirements and is ATEX-compliant. The Generation 3 assembly uses longer life bearings in the rotary valve unit and a solid stainless steel — serviceable — rotor. Retrofitting existing Generation 1 and Generation 2 RDS systems and/or RDS-free rotary valves is also possible.


When fitted, this device continuously monitors the rotor and the valve housing, immediately providing a warning of any rotor contact or the presence of a metal shaving lodging between the rotor and the body. Generation 3 RDS features include:

  • detection range of 0–120 ohms ATEX rated (with compliant barrier)
  • CIP compatible
  • circuit monitoring
  • offline testing
  • data recording to preserve history
  • can be used in direct drive or chain drive systems
  • Modbus RS485 and TCP/IP networkable
  • speed output/motion detection
  • mounting distance up to 200 m
  • Windows configurator interface RS485 and micro USB
  • all settings can be downloaded
  • maintenance management system
  • seal controller
  • instant output signal from any metal contact
  • failsafe monitoring with fault output signal
  • confirms valve rotor is running free after reassembly and commissioning online
  • adjustable sensitivity via control module
  • 24 volt DC
  • dual setpoint


  • Seal pressure control
  • Seal wearing / worn out alarm
  • Drive start control
  • Rotor detection system (RDS) option is available on all GEA demountable rotary valves, including the easy slide rotor support option.


  • Monitoring rotor to housing contact
  • Use for warning or process shutdown when rotor contacts the valve body
  • Use with close tolerance stainless steel rotor applications
  • Use in high temperatures applications, to detect any rotor contact with the valve housing
  • Use with abrasive products
  • Use in the feeding to filling lines
  • Use at the bottom of cyclones

Control Module

  • Controls RDS System
  • 24V DC, DIN rail mounted
  • Includes ATEX compliant barrier
  • Modbus/RS485 network communication
  • LED status indication
  • Separate contact/system fault outputs
  • CIP mode


  • PC interface for system setup and diagnostics
  • Modbus/RS485 network communication
  • USB PC connection
  • Adjusts material/CIP conductivity setpoints
  • Adjusts on/off/debounce/latch setpoints
  • Logs operating data
  • Offline testing and diagnostics
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