Gravity Divert Valves

GEA designs and manufactures two-way or three-way gravity diverter valves that are designed for quick and frequent demounting for cleaning.

Gravity Divert Valve (GDV)

The two-way demountable gravity diverter valve is ideal for system installations that require frequent cleaning with minimum downtime. The design enables fast, tool-free dis-assembly and easy access to all product-contact surfaces. Material flow through the valve is unrestricted with no ledges or dead spots. Manufactured in a range of finish options, including USDA dairy specification, they can also be built to comply with European CE directives and to comply with ATEX use.

Principle Of Operation

Gravity Diverter Valves (GDV) are designed to re-route powder, pellets or granular material from one discharge point to another in chute- and free-fall application.

Gravity fed material is diverted to one of two lines by a rotating blade that swings through 120° to completely close off the unused port. Extremely limited tolerances between the rotating blade and the body minimize product leakage to the closed off port.

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