Steam jet liquid pumps

Steam jet liquid pumps are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to elevate and convey liquids.

Our steam jet systems have a simple design, they are reliable and require low maintenance.

Mode of operation

The three main components of steam jet liquid pumps are head, diffuser and motive nozzle. The steam jet emerging from the motive nozzle at high velocity transmits its kinetic energy to the liquid, mixes with it and condenses. In this way, the liquid is conveyed and its pressure is increased at the same time.

These pumps operate like a steam jet vacuum pump and evacuate the suction pipelines. They are, therefore, self-priming.

In compliance with the varying demands, two different classes of standard steam liquid pumps are constructed:

  1. CLASS A: for low suction heights, up to max. 1 m (where, density, ρ = 1000 kg/m³ or liquid feed) and large discharge pressures
  2. CLASS B: for larger suction heights and discharge pressures up to approx. 1.1 bar g

In addition to the standard pumps, we supply special constructions for larger suction heights and discharge pressures.


Elevating and conveying of liquid chemicals such as lye, acids, tanning liquors, lime milk, effluent water, spent wash, mash, bilge water, etc.

Circulating with simultaneous heating of the liquid contents.


  • simple erection and servicing
  • no moving parts, therefore, no wear
  • maintenance-free
  • great reliability and safety of operation
  • long life
  • low cost
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