Liquid jet ventilators

Liquid jet ventilators type fv1 are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to draw off air, gases or vapor.

Our steam jet systems have a simple design, they are reliable and require low maintenance.

Mode of operation

Liquid jet ventilators operate on the jet pumps principle. Their action is based on the jet of motive liquid which emerges from the motive nozzle entraining and conveying the surrounding gas.

The specific motive liquid requirement in m³ of liquid per m3 of air or gas:

  • decreases with higher motive liquid pressure p₁
  • increases with rising, required compression ∆p
  • is independent of nature and density of the drawn off gases.


Liquid jet ventilators are used to draw off air, gases or vapor.

They are designed to suck in gas flows at small pressure differences. The pressure gain (compression) which these units can archive is in the range between 1 and 20 mbar.


  • with correct choice of materials of manufacture an almost unlimited life
  • maintenance-free
  • quickly and simply brought into operation
  • can be fabricated from many different materials
  • low capital and installation costs
  • low-noise operation
  • no moving parts
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